Supernatural Burning Bushes

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We are living in strange times.

There are signs and wonders all around us.We are living in a “natural” world and yet God can and does act in manifestations that can only be explained as miraculous. Yet, they are not necessarily violations of the laws of the eternal nature.

There are more “laws” that we are continuously discovering in physics, astronomy, and other sciences. There are more dimensions we are not aware of. We in this natural world are restricted in the3D+Time dimensions.

God knows how to interact with these additional eternal laws.

Can he suspend them? Yes, by the very nature and definition of who He is,He can! His name is I AM.  

But personally, I believe the majority if not all of what we consider as miraculous and supernatural are the wonderful and truly amazing beauty, economy, laws, and even rules that He set forth in the universe. T

he difference is that in the multi-dimensional supernatural universe He can see and act in ways we cannot imagine. Some of these laws require power – omnipotent. Others need knowledge –omniscient. They are laws, rules, and procedures, nevertheless.

From Supernatural Upgrade:

the supernatural of God is manifesting allaround us, but we must be sensitive enough to notice it. Like Moses, we mustgo, see, and look!
We must answer when He calls us, “Here I am!" When weperceive heavenly activity and respond, godly supernatural encounters happen.When Moses went over to see the burning bush and hearwhat God had to say, He told Moses His plans for His people and how Moses wouldplay a part in those plans. Each sign and wonder that shook Egypt was told toMoses beforehand. Though Moses had received the impartation by being in thepresence of God, he had to learn how to trust in the power and the presence of God

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Over the years,  Sid Roth's programs involving real guests with Supernatural experiences have been a blessing for me.

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