Fringe Christianity Burning Bushes

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Outside the safe zone of topics that most biblical churches prefer to cover, many other “fringe” themes are highly relevant to our walk with God, the end times, and even the health and existence of the Church. Most churches will not touch these topics. However, the parishioners, especially the younger generations, are very much interested in these topics. The world has been providing them with “answers” and “explanations” that are completely contrary to the Biblical narrative.

Here are some websites and channels dedicated to Fringe topics:

Skywatch TV,

Derek Gilbert,

Sid Roth

The Daily Renegade,

Koinonia House,

L A Marzulli,

Prophecy Watchers,

Gen 6 giants—Steve Quayle,

Douglas Hamp,

Timothy Alberino,

Dr. Michael Heiser,

Time to Believe

The Fringe

I will be updating this list periodically.