Bible Burning Bushes

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The Word of God – the Bible – continuous to be the most read book in history. It is the foundation for the Jewish (Tanakh, basically the Old Testament) and the Christian faiths(Old and New Testaments). Jesus Christ is also identified as the Word of God –the Logos. He is God. So, the Word of God is identified with Christ –communicating and revealing God and bringing us close to God. The Bible is the truth that enlightens us holistically to understand the reality of existence, who we are, and how we should live: holistically. is an excellent resource – on the web and through its iOS and Android apps.
It has many versions of the Bible in different languages. It is filled with references and notes. For some versions you can also hear the Bible (audio) while reading it. Check the versions on: For the past several years, I have been going through Bible in One Year plans that were just excellent. For this, I relied on one of the plans suggested by’s (YouVersion):

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