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21st Century Burning Bushes

The Book Series

We are living in strange times.

21st Century Burning Bushes series is about the incredible, the unusual, the wonderful, the miraculous as well as the strange, the terrifying, the surprising, the horrific, and the signs that are all around us - all amazing Burning Bushes.

We have a choice - as non-Christians, Christians, or even congregations and churches. Will we turn aside and examine what these Burning Bushes mean? What are they saying, and how are they connected? Or will we retire in the comfort of the familiar - in our bubbles?
These burning bushes have been around for centuries - even millennia. Nevertheless, in the 21st century, their brightness and frequency are increasing.

It is critical for us to be aware, prepared, and amazed. More importantly, we need to be operational: turn around and examine the implications and act accordingly. The Creator is speaking through these Burning Bushes. They all point to the nature and character of our Lord Jesus Christ. They are all pre-cursors to a final showdown. Each chapter of the book series (there will be four volumes, Lord willing) uncovers a Burning Bush and delves deep into its ramification and affinity with other Burning Bushes. Also, each chapter provides pragmatic recommendations for action

The Burning Bushes book series consists of four volumes:

Volume I: Spiritual Burning Bushes - available now

Volume II: Science and Technology

Volume III: Culture, Morality and the Kingdom

Volume IV: Signs and Wonders - End Times

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About the Author:

Dr. Setrag Khoshafian is a recognized expert in Digital Transformation with over 25 years of experience as a senior executive in the software industry. He is the lead author of more than 10 digital technology books and hundreds of publications in business and academic journals. His most recent technical book is titled How to Alleviate Digital Transformation Debt: post-COVID-19.Throughout his career, Dr. Khoshafian has served as a lecturer and professor at several universities. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an MSc in Mathematics from AUB.

In addition to his technological expertise, Dr. Khoshafian has been active in various ministries and congregations in the Middle East and the United States. He has given seminars on contemporary topics relevant to the Christian message and witness. In 2007, Dr. Khoshafian and other visionary collaborators pioneered the world's first Armenian Christian Internet Radio station, Bashde. Subsequently, they launched worship radio stations in Persian, Turkish, Arabic, and French.Recently, Dr. Khoshafian has focused on addressing challenging questions facing 21st-century Christianity and the world at large. These topics include societal trends, revivals, the supernatural, real vs. pseudo-science, UFO/UAP disclosures, miracles, ancient artifacts, secret societies, transhumanism, the Antichrist, the Singularity, artificial intelligence, robotic automation, digitization, biotechnology, New Age trends, the problem of pain, and concepts of one world religion and government. He explores these subjects and their complex interrelationships in his four-volume book series, 21st Century Burning Bushes.

21st Century Burning Bushes