Revival Burning Bushes

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The history of Christianity is the history of revivals.
Like all movements, Christianity started with passion ,fervency, and fire.

But soon, stagnation and traditions took over and the fire was quenched.
Beautiful churches that were architectural marvels were erected –often with no life, suffocating legalism, and a spirituality wanting.

Christianity is radical and Jesus Christ is the greatest revolutionary ever!

Revival is about returning life (reviving) in individual believers, churches, or congregations that are – for lack of abetter word – on life support or clinically dead and in need of resuscitation!

Without continuous revivals, Christian spirituality stagnates and dies.

The following from Revival TV provides an excellent interactive timeline of revivals.
Interestingly it starts with the AD 301 revival of the Armenians : the first nation that accepted Christianity as a nation.

Revival Radio has many informative videos on revivals throughout the centuries.

Several of his eopisodes cover the Armenian revivals and more imporantly their impact on awakenings and revivals in the US and around the world.

Demos Shakarian had a tremendous impact on revivals and awakenings in the
US and around the world.